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Session Summary: The International e-Science Movement – Status and Future

The closing plenary was presented by Dan Atkins, W.K Kellogg Professor for Community Information and Associate Vice-President for Research Cyberinfrastructure, University of Michigan. His topic was the status of the e-science movement in both the UK and the US. In introducing this theme, he explained that there needs to be a matrices of relationships, approaches … Read more

Session Summary: Supporting Technical Innovation in the UK – Repositories UK

Paul Walk, Deputy Director of UKOLN, used his presentation to discuss Repositories UK, a project that is really about innovation support. As UKOLN is now one of two JISC-funded Innovation Centre, a role that is still being worked out together with JISC. However, close to Walk’s heart is their work to support the developer community, … Read more

UK Repositories Update: Interview with Peter Burnhill

The Director of EDINA National Data Centre, Peter Burnhill, provided a UK repositories update in his presentation to the conference. Although the impending lunch break prevented an extensive question and answer session afterwards, Peter kindly gives us a summary of his talk in this video interview. If you cannot see this video, please click here. Read more

Session Summary: Memento – Versioning Resources to Support HTTP-based Discovery

Herbert Van de Somple, Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, gave us an enthusiastic introduction to Memento, which is an NDIIPP funded project examining the concept of time travel for the web. The aim of Memento is to make it easier to navigating the web of the past. There are web resources that have … Read more

Session Summary: Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access

Chris Rusbridge gave a presentation reporting on his involvement with the Blue Ribbon Task Force for Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. Rusbridge emphasised that we are in a world that increasingly relies on digital information in so many different ways, but this is very much at risk. He quoted a slide from one of the … Read more

Repositories and Cloud Services for Cyberinfrastructure: Interview with Sandy Payette

Sandy Payette, Chief Executive Officer of DuraSpace, provided a US repositories update in her presentation: “Repositories and Cloud Services for Data Cyberinfrastructure”. In this video interview she outlines the main topics within her presentation and some of the issues that arose in the brief questions session that followed. If you are unable to see this … Read more

Session Summary: Moving Forward with Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation (NDIIPP), its leader Laura Campbell from the Library of Congress outlined the lessons that have been learned over the course of the project, observing that strategy is one thing, execution is another. NDIIPP’s mission is to develop a national strategy … Read more

Special Collections Transformed by Technology: Interview with Cliff Lynch

CNI’s Executive Director, Cliff Lynch, gave a presentation entitled: “Special Collections Transformed by Technology” as part of the conference focus session on US developments. In this video interview, Cliff explains the areas he touched upon in this presentation and highlights the areas of interest raised by the audience in the following question and answer session. … Read more

Session Summary: Open Data Policies, Heather Joseph

Heather Joseph, Executive Director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) gave us an overview of how SPARC’s work been focusing on making journal articles more openly accessible and raising awareness at all levels – including the grass routes in libraries on campuses, and the grass tops with the policy makers. SPARC want … Read more